Our passion is helping extraordinary nonprofits, authors, and those who resource the homeschool community

reach more people, nurture their audience, and produce effective messaging and content.


We help you craft the right strategy and employ the best tools to reach an ever-increasing audience and build brand awareness.


We help you guide your customers from awareness to engagement with great
messaging and content marketing.


We help you build trust so people buy your resources, attend your events, support your mission, and recommend you to others.

"The clarity provided by the strategic planning made everything work with measurable results."
Jim M.
Executive Director

Marketing Strategy

Every successful business, nonprofit, or entrepreneur should have a marketing strategy that compliments the business plan so goals are achievable.

We can help you develop a strategic marketing plan so the steps ahead are clear and the desired outcomes are aligned. Your communication and work-flow will be optimized with laser-like focus so you can attain the results you want.

Clarity. Focus. Execution.

The Right Tactics & Tools

The clients we serve aren’t Fortune 500 companies which already have an in-house marketing team.

We help unique nonprofits, select authors, and those who resource the homeschool community who have big dreams, great causes, life-giving resources, and expertise in helping people in a particular arena. Marketing isn’t their thing and they know it.

The marketing strategy we help you create will make it clear which tactics and tools you’ll need to extend your reach, build know-like-trust, and grow lasting customer/donor relationships.

Content and Messaging

Finding your voice and creating your content can be challenging.

We work with you and your team closely to understand your vision, your goals, your audience, and what messaging will resonate. We can provide content creation and messaging for your company’s marketing. 

Often, its the outside perspective and great questions that helps you articulate your message, unify your communications, and attrack more people to your cause, services, or products.

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