THRIVEtoday believes life is about relationships; your relationship with God and your relationships with people. 

But many relationships don’t work because people lack relational skills.

They are correct!

Chris and Jen Coursey have discovered 19 Skills that make relationships work. Their lives are dedicated to equipping people with these skills and the results are outstanding.

To help the greater Christian community gain these relational skills, we promote and provide distribution services for THRIVetoday.

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Life-Giving Resources from THRIVEtoday

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The Joy Switch

Under the right conditions, all of us can be pushed too far. The trick is knowing how to “get back” to healthy emotions—to that sweet spot. What’s the secret? It’s as easy as flipping a switch. Brain science has discovered that there is a “switch” inside your brain that activates joy—the secret of healthy emotions. The Joy Switch will help you: Recognize when you're losing joy. Identify your particular "triggers." And learn how to stay in joy!

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The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages

What separates happy marriages from miserable ones? It’s actually the size of the marriage’s joy gap; the length of time between moments of shared joy.When the joy gap gets bigger, problems are more likely to overwhelm you, resentment creeps in, and you start to feel distant and alone in your marriage. When the joy gap is smaller, you regularly feel connected and happy, problems feel manageable, and your marriage becomes a reliable source of joy.

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